Overview of questions?

Common CloudFlare Questions:

  1. What is CloudFlare?
  2. What is the association between the Hosting Partner and CloudFlare?
  3. How does CloudFlare's technology work?
  4. Where are CloudFlare's data centers located?
  5. What types of websites can use CloudFlare?
  6. Is CloudFlare compatible with a website with SSL?
  7. Are there domains that shouldn't be enabled with CloudFlare?
  8. Can I enable CloudFlare on a wildcard (*) subdomain?
  9. Can I enable CloudFlare on my root domain (i.e. mywebsite.com) that is an A record?
  10. If a user activated CloudFlare from my control panel, do they also get an account cloudflare.com?
  11. Can the Certified Partner Resellers offer CloudFlare?
  12. Common Troubleshooting Questions
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