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Setting up an email account on in cPanel on DevelopFX is very easy.

First you need to log into your cPanel. There are many ways to log into cPanel:

A. In a web rowser type "mydomain" is whatever your domain name is. - You will need to know your cPanel User Name and Password (This is different from your client area login - If you do not know it or need to resetit you can do so from your client area portal)

B. You can login with our URL here:  - You will need to know your cPanel User Name and Password (This is different from your client area login - If you do not know it or need to resetit you can do so from your client area portal)

C. "The Preffered Method" From your client area portal (which can be especially usefull if you have multiple hosting accounts and domains)

[Section I]:
This will walk you through using your client area portal to gain access to cPanel, if you are already logged into cPanel you can skip to "[Section II]"

1. Login to your Client Area here on you can use this link now: or at anytime use the link at the very top of the page located in the page header area called "CLIENT AREA" (there is a little house icon next to it)

 - Once your there if you aren't already proceed to login (use the email address and password you used when your acount was created when you signed up for hosting - f you have forgotten your password use the reset password option on the login page)

2. Now that your logged in - you'll notice additional user menu options specifically related to your account. Start by going to the "SERVICES" menu option. When you click it this will open a dropdown structure right below it. Here you will want to select "My Services"

 - Any hosting or specialized services you have with DevelopFX will appear on the right or in main view. From the available list you want to find the Hosting package with the domain name which you want to set your email up for. Each Service you have is in a list and to the right of that service is a "View Details" options/button

 - Click on / Select "View Details" for the Hosting acount you want to setup email for. The first tab that is displayed is Your Service/Your Hosting Information tab. Here you will see all the related information to do with that hosting package ( Registration Date - Product/Service Type - Recurring Amount and Billing Cycle - Next Due Date and Payment Method - Disk Space Usage and Bandwidth Usage ) at the end of that list you will see a box with two buttons: "Login to cPanel" and "Login to Webmail"

 - Click on Login to cPanel **This will automatically log you into your cPanel (when you login to cPanel from here your username and password are preconfigured through your account)
 - The Login to Webmail option is for when you already have your email configured and if you don't want to configure a pop or imap connection with a desktop application like outlook

[Section II]:
Inside cPanel (Our example will be using domain name creating an email account called

1. Find the Email section or use the search bar at the top and type email in it or the Email button at the very top of cPanel.
   Click on Email, this will take you to the accounts setup page where you can create new email accounts or manage existing ones.

2. At the top of the Accounts page is Add Email Accout, where it says email type the name you want for the account.
    For this example we will type: myemail  (do not include the @ or the domain name as it is already provided for you at the right and will create the email address accordingly)
 - Next you need to either create a strong password or use the password generator to create one (If you use the password generator, remember to right the password down somewhere safe)
 - Next you need to set the Mailbox Quota (depending on your account type you may be limited to a maximum size, if not you can select unlimited or set a max acount size)
 - Finally hit the create button and your new email account is created.

3. Once the account is created you can scroll down the page a little and you will see it listed under Email Accounts (along with any other email accounts you may have previously setup)

4. See [Configuring Email Clients for cPanel Email Accounts] for configuring email clients such as Windows Live Mail, Outlook, Outlook Express, MacOS, Android, Blackberry and iOS

5. If you wish to have all email for the new account forwarde to an existing email account (eg. - - see [Creating Email Forwarders for cPanel Email Accounts]

If you have any problems or would like assistance or you would like us to set your email accounts up for you at no charge, we are here to help. Just fill out a support request from with in your client area. In the support ticket subject put Email Assistance and in the body include te names of the email accounts you would like set-up.

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