Registering Domains

Domain registration is easy on

If you are new to DevelopFX you can start the process right on our Home Page by searching for the domain you would like. If the domain is available you will be presented with purchasing options, just select the options you want and proceed to checkout. Once your payment is processed you will be notified by email with details for configuring your domain.

For additional informtion or domain registration at anytime you can also use the main menu and go to Domains > Domain Registration - for single domain name registrations > Bulk Domain Registration - to register multiple domains at once.

If you have an existing account or service with DevelopFX use the main menu and go to the Client Area to log in. Once logged in you will have additional account options available in a menu set on the left. Use the Domains option where you will have "My Domains" "Renew Domains" "Register a New Domain" "Transfer Domains To Us" "Preregister New TLD's" and "Whois Lookup"
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