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Content is King!

"The right content, on the correct media, directed to the exact capture elements = website traffic!"

While SEO is one of several marketing initiatives, it’s connected to them all...

Website Copy

What do you want your website to do?

  • If you want it to drive qualified customers or clients to your business, then you need professional copywriting services. "Everyone can write" is a dangerous thought that can cost you customers, sales, and ultimately lower your ROI. Bad copy translates into poor sales.
  • Content needs to be integrated into your overall website plan. Good content will draw visitors to your site and keep them there, will provide them with a clear path to follow, and will bring them to do ... whatever it is that you want them to do, whether it be make a purchase, follow a link, or learn something. "Content is king" is an SEO expression, but it works for earthlings, too: your content is the core of your site.
  • DevelopFX provides crisp, clear web copy that converts. It grabs and holds readers' attention, builds interest, and then gives them a clear and obvious call to action. No matter what your website's goals, they can be reached more quickly with excellent copy.

Content Creation and Marketing

In order for SEO to work,
  • There has to be content creation and distribution.
  • This serves both as a lure for search engines and to establish the company or brand as a thought leader in its vertical.
  • Placing useful authoritative content on the website will draw attention from potential prospects and provide links back to the website.
  • Social media outlets and blogs reinforce other SEO efforts and are integral parts of the campaign.

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Website SEO

All content needs to be optimized for SEO with researched keywords
  • Tags and meta-tags need to be optimized with keywords.
  • Important information & terms to be placed high on pages; limited copy on each page.
  • Regular changing of content on your website is critical for SEO.

Social Media Engagement Full Engagement


A typical engagement
  • Involving both onsite and offsite SEO efforts lasts for one to three years.
  • However, three- and six-month engagements can also be useful, especially in tandem with a full engagement plan in effect.
  • While an overall strategy and implementation process are the most powerful, anything will absolutely help.
Social Media Engagement Full Engagement


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Social Media Marketing

Social media refers to online technologies used to share content, experiences, insights, perspectives, and other media.

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SEO Services

SEO has gotten more sophisticated over the past few years and is now closely allied to content marketing.

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