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Here at DevFX, Inc. we try to bring you the best of the best and as many choices and options as possible like CloudFlare and PayPal "services that work" and are ready to go right out of the box, not the BS frills and complicated steps and set-up of many of the host out there. We also welcome new partnerships and technologies, if you are interested in creating a partnership with us please contact using our site contact form.

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CloudFlare is one of the worlds fastest growing performance and security services. Loading pages on average 60% faster while deverting malisious traffic away from your site and or server. We offer both Free and Paid CloudFlare services with any account hosted on our servers. It's easy to use and set-up, activation only takes a few moments and you can access it thru your cPanel and or Client area when logged into your account on - As a CloudFlare Partner we can help you decide which solutions best suite your needs as well as configure your website and or server for advanced uses of CloudFlare.


Protection at It's Finest


As developers constantly working towards something new we utilize CloudLinux on our shared and managed hosting platforms and highly recommend the use of it for Virtual Private and Dedicated server deployment. Not only does CloudLinux give you the best in SymLink protection, it keeps your server balanced while managing the resources accross any number of active acounts. Delivering power when you need it most, but taking care to not bring your server to it's knees. CloudLinux in combination with kernal care allows us to maintain an active secure server with few or no restarts. Kernal care by CloudLinux allows for security patches to be updated to our servers kernals without having to restart when completed keeping everything running smooth and secure.


Ready Set Checkout!


As a PayPal partner we can help you decide what PayPal services are best for you as well as custom develop a PayPal solution to suite your needs!

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