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eCommerce Fraud Prevention Suite and Server-Website Security Tools with Zero Fraud Liability • 100% Guaranteed

Benefit from SimpleFraud®

Simplified Fraud Management and Prevention Suite of Tools for Retailers
  • No More Chargebacks; Never pay a chargeback fee again! SimpleFraud provides a guarantee against chargebacks on an order/case by case basis. If you get a chargeback using SimpleFraud on any order/case that was guaranteed we'll pay the chargeback and any associated fees*, not you!
  • WHMCS Add-On Module SimpleFraud is currently available for WHMCS as an addon module; fully integrated, simple to install and easy to use!
  • Case Console and Dashboard; Built in, simple, and completely integrated - SimpleFraud provides you with an easy to use case console and dashboard to monitor, track and manage fraud on an order/case by case basis in an environment you are already familiar with. No need to login to any other websites, service provider or platform.
  • Premium Fraud Scoring; SimpleFraud uses machine learning models providing more details, analytics and metrics about your clients - all compared and compiled in real-time utilizing everything from public records and social profiles to demographics and device id/finger printing to provide you with the most protection possible. SimpleFraud even utilizes well known fraud prevention tools and utilities like MaxMind for comparison during the fraud evaluation process.
  • Complete Automation; Easy to configure options can give you complete automation of your fraud prevention and handling.
  • Simplified Processing; Easy as clicking a button in your case console and responding to an email if you ever receive a chargeback on a guaranteed order/case. Less than 5 minutes of your time and your money back within 72 hours guaranteed.
SimpleFraud® by DevFX, Inc.

Fraud /frÔd/ : noun

Fraud is a broad term that refers to a variety of offenses involving dishonesty or "fraudulent acts". In essence, fraud is the intentional deception of a person or entity by another made for monetary or personal gain.
Thousands of people each year fall victim to fraudulent acts – often unknowingly. While many instances of fraud go undetected, learning how to spot the warning signs early on may help save you time and money in the long run.

SimpleFraud® /΄sim-pel-frÔd/ : (noun ‘+’ adverb)

SimpleFraud is a suite of third party APIs and features brought together for various billing and client management systems that includes protection guarantee for "Card Not Present Retailers" against fraud and credit-card provider chargebacks.

Chargeback (charge·back /CHärjbak/ : noun), a demand by a credit-card provider for a retailer to make good the loss on a fraudulent or disputed transaction.

SimpleFraud provides retailers with the tools and resources to not only prevent fraud on an automated level but takes the responsibility off the retailer should their system process a fraudulent order.

SimpleFraud specializes in guaranteeing digital goods and services;

Digital Content and Service Providers • Web Hosting Solutions Providers • Software Sales and Download Providers • eBook Publishers and Distributors all with Guaranteed Chargeback Protection and More

Simplifying Fraud Prevention and Server/Website Protection - specializing in eCommerce card not present transactions!